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Helping our neighbors in Haiti

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Our Organization

Ke Poze, Inc. was formed to offer church-to-church assistance through the Catholic Church in Haiti to individuals and communities in Fort Liberte area.

Initially, this has taken the form of providing scholarships to students in various universities in Cap Haitian and Fort Liberte, and material assistance to the Diocese of Fort Liberte.


We see our primary focus as education, but will provide whatever support is needed in areas identified, such as infrastructure projects to supply clean water, food, clothing, healthcare, electricity, and other support for the overall well-being of the communities served.


This project originated with Fr. Federico Capdepon and Fr. Joseph Jean Louis at Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Miami, FL. Fr. Federico had previously founded a similar effort while pastor at St. Hugh Catholic Church. He began the nonprofit Grove for Ghana, Inc in 2013, to supply clean water for the Diocese of Goaso, Ghana. It continues to operate since then, and has enabled the successful drilling of sixty wells to date.


​Activities so far include providing scholarships for the current academic year to twenty-seven students in various universities; installing fully functional water wells in 7 different locations; shipping food, clothing, and furniture to local churches, delivering 300 electrical equipments to families in need of electricity, and delivering necessary equipment for a radio tower that provides the only means of communication for many in this rural part of the country. Future locations would be selected in conjunction with the bishop in Fort Liberte, in the northeast part of Haiti.


Because we believe that education of Haitians is the best path to Haiti’s future, this will be our main focus. We hope to expand this effort significantly as we develop. All of our members are volunteers and no salaries will be paid.


Break barriers, open doors

School Children in need

Helping pay for child support and school tuition for children.

College Scholarships

Helping pay for school tuition for our young adults.

Water Wells

Building water wells for communities without access to clean water.

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Solar Generators

Supporting the infrastructure of Haiti by providing electricity 


Supporting charitable institutions in their most urgent needs.

College Student Testimonials


Bringing love and hope where few are able to reach.

Fr. Federico Capdepon

Contact Us

3220 NW 7TH Ave.,

Miami, Fl 33127

(305) 635-1331

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