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Our Organization

Ke Poze, Inc. was formed to offer church-to-church assistance through the Catholic Church in Haiti to individuals and communities in Haiti. Initially, this has taken the form of providing scholarships to students in various universities in the country, and material assistance to the Diocese of Fort Liberte and churches in that diocese. We see our primary focus as education, but will provide whatever support is needed in areas identified, such as infrastructure projects to supply clean water, food, clothing, healthcare, and other support for the overall well-being of the communities served.


This activity originated with Fr. Federico Capdepon and Fr. Joseph Jean Louis at Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Miami, FL. Fr. Federico had previously founded a similar effort. While pastor at St. Hugh Catholic Church, he began the nonprofit Grove for Ghana, Inc in 2013, to supply clean water for the Diocese of Goaso, Ghana. It continues to operate since then, and has enabled the successful drilling of sixty wells to date.


Activities so far include providing scholarships for the current academic year to twelve students in various universities; drilling for water wells in Dupity and Pilette; shipping food, clothing, and furniture to local churches, and delivering necessary equipment for a radio tower that provides the only means of communication for many in this rural part of the country. The towns involved so far also include Acul De Pains and Savane Longue. Future locations would be selected in conjunction with the bishop in Fort Liberte, in the northeast part of Haiti.


Because we believe that education of Haitians is the best path to Haiti’s future, this will be our main focus. We hope to expand this effort significantly as we develop. All of our members are volunteers and no salaries will be paid.

Our Mission

Advocating Change

Founded in 2000, KÈ POZE inspires action and supports communities. We’re driven by a firm belief in the power of humanity, and we work hard to ease the burdens faced by those we work with. Join us to make the community you live in a better one where people of all ages and backgrounds get a fair chance in life.


Our Officers & Directors


Supreme Dorvil


Community, service and uplift are just a few of the terms that encompasses the essence of Dr. Dorvil. From a young age, Dr. Dorvil’s demonstrated a commitment to his community and helping those in need. Over the course of his career, he has helped organize numerous medical missionary trips to Haiti and continue to helped in the development of the country through various economic ventures. He has helped to establish several businesses including educational centers, cosmetology shops, and vacation rentals. In addition, he also donates several items including clothes, food, and medical supplies to families in Haiti. Most recently, Dr. Dorvil partnered with a Texas based organization to help raise funds to help Haitians that were seeking asylum in the United States.

Dr. Dorvil holds a Bachelor of Art in Biology with a Minor in Political science. He also obtained his Doctorate in Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Dorvil is the co-owner of National Foot Centers, a podiatric practice with locations in Broward and Miami Dade County. He is also the co-owner of Premellie Enterprise, a multifaceted financial company with a key focus in real estate and financial development.  Dr. Dorvil is also a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., a historically African American fraternity and an Eagle Scout.

Dr. Dorvil is a man of many talents, but his love of people and volunteerism by far speaks the most about who he is as a person.


Fr. Joseph Jean Louis


I was born in Dupity Fort Liberte, Haiti. I joined the Oblates of Mary Immaculate in 1995 I made my first religious vows on September 1997 in Blanchard Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I then continued on to first formation at Oblate Community in Port au Prince there I completed my studies in Philosophy. My provincial then decided to send me to Colombia as a missionary before beginning my studies in Theology. After my time in Colombia, I was sent to Bolivia where I continued my formation and obtained my Bachelors in Theology. I was ordained as a Catholic priest in November, 2003, joined the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, and served in Colombia until 2010. My congregation then decided to further my training and sent me to Madrid, Spain where  I obtained a degree specializing in family psychotherapy. I came to Miami in 2012 where I have served in several parishes. I had been arranging sponsorships for Haitian students for 6 years in Colombia. Ke Poze provides a preferable option. Sponsorships in Haitian universities are more affordable; allow students to be closer to home in a familiar environment; and increase the chances that they will remain there. We focus on university students because they frequently do not have the resources to continue and their best contributions to the country would be lost. The need in Haiti is great and calls me to respond. My hope is that you and others will join us.


Bob Dudley


Bob is retired after a 30 year career with IRS. He has been a member of the St. Vincent de Paul Society since 1982. On a mission trip to Haiti in 1983, he had a profound experience of many peoples’ needs there which awakened his responsibility to help. He also serves as Treasurer of Grove for Ghana, Inc., another non-profit founded by Fr. Federico, which provides wells for clean water in rural Ghana. He is married with five children and six grandchildren.


Fr. Federico Capdepon

Director of Fundraising and Development

I grew up in Spain and have lived in the United States for 42 years. I have served as a Catholic priest for 37 years in the Archdiocese of Miami. Throughout my ministry as a priest, I have been attracted to follow the gospel with my personal commitment to different missions in Latin America and Africa. Living in South Florida, I believe that sharing our wealth and teaching others how to be generous Christian givers is part of our Christian vocation. We live in a very affluent society, materialistic and driven by consumerism.


Ke Poze was created to respond to the need I felt to work on behalf of some of the most needy people in the world, our neighbors in Haiti. When I was asked to help in Haiti, I decided to use my past experience to help in this country in our own backyard, which is clearly the poorest in our hemisphere. We have begun in the Diocese of Fort Liberte’ in the north, which requested our help. We started sponsoring twelve students in various courses in the first year of university. We are working on digging several wells in the area. My dream is to significantly expand our scholarships for students and to drill wells in other parts of the country also.


I believe that we can’t preach the gospel effectively if we aren’t solving the real problems people face each day struggling to survive. Ke Poze concentrates on education, clean water, and other essentials for a healthy life. We are a totally volunteer organization, pay no salaries, and strive to keep expenses at the minimum.


I invite you to join our efforts and support those who need help the most by praying for this ministry and the people we serve, and by sharing what you can. With the grace of God and your help, we will accomplish great things. Thank you.

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Cleyvis Basilio

Scholarship Coordinator

I am a widow and the proud mother of two adult children. I am originally from San Cristobal, Dominican Republic, and moved to Miami in 1980. My career since 1986 has been in accounting for law firms, and I am a licensed real estate broker. I was a member of Corpus Christi Catholic Church for over 37 years and am presently a member of the Cathedral of Christ the King after moving to Atlanta in 2020.

My faith in God, the Blessed Sacrament, the Virgin Mary, and the Holy Trinity inspires me to reach out and help those in need. I volunteer with the church and the community by serving as a Eucharistic minister, working with the St. Vincent De Paul Society, HandsOn Atlanta, and Covenant House. Ke Poze enables me also to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti. I am proud to work with Ke Poze because we use our donations efficiently to provide essential necessities in Haiti, such as building wells for safe drinking water and supporting young adults to complete their higher education in order to reach their goals of a better future.

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Juan Guixens

Food and Delivery Coordinator

With a keen belief in the power of charity and volunteer work, Max Johnson is committed to changing the world. There really couldn’t be a more dedicated Grant Manager, and we’re so happy to have Max Johnson as part of the KÈ POZE team.

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